Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ragnar Relay 2009

So I survived another year. Yay! I actually liked this year better than last year. Even though it rained (it did make for nice running weather). Van 1 was awesome. My teammates were hilarious. Even my leg was better. So I have gathered some photos of are little adventure, please to enjoy.

This first picture is at the starting line. The girl in the blue shorts is our first runner. We call her K1:

Update(7/1/09): As cool boss reminded me, K1 was also known as Ms. Right?. Reason being A6 was always asking (sarcastically) if he remembered her name correctly. So funny.

The second picture is our second runner, Meg. Awww, no fancy nickname for her. She kicked ass.

Next is our third runner (yeah, I can count), Jessi. Look at that beautiful scenery.

Here goes our fifth runner, J5. See fancy nickname. Now you may be thinking, "Hey, I thought you could count. I do believe a 4 comes after 3." Well, fear not I am aware that the fourth runner is missing. That fourth runner is me. And there is not a picture of me running. That would be cruel to force on the masses, such an image that would be.
Update(7/1/09): I didn't really mention how my running went. Well my first one was a little hot, it was also my longest one. I was able to do a mile before I had to start walking. Yay me! I also had a hill, which wasn't too bad. My second run was at night. So it was nice and cool. Flat as flat could be. The only issue was when I had cars coming toward me their headlights would ruin my night vision. Again I went about a mile before I had to stop. Hey, I never said that I was a runner runner. My third leg (yay last one) was down hill. Awesome. It was also raining, which I don't have a problem running in the rain. How refreshing it was. And I did a mile straight. Overall, I had a good time. Van 1 rocked, well, the van.

A6 is our last runner in Van 1. Wow, he was good. He just kept on trucking. Our van rocked!

And this last picture is after our team crossed the finish line. It was cold, rainy and we were all tired. BUT, we did it! Go team! Three of our teammates were not able to finish with us. *shakes head* For shame.

Next year it's Team That's What She Said.
Las Vegas Ragnar anyone?

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fmandds said...

woo van 1!!!! J5 will be me next year. And I thought K1 also had the nickname of Mrs. Right? That A6 sounds like a hoot and a holler.