Monday, June 8, 2009

My Little Bro's Wedding

On June 6, 2009 my little brother got married. How sweet. The following are pictures of the blessed event.

This first photo is of the newlyweds exiting the Salt Lake City Mormon Temple where they where married and sealed for (according to the Mormon faith) time and eternity. That is a long time. Hope they really like each other. =)

This next one is a picture of my parents and the bride and groom in front of the actual temple. Apparently the doors you see below are locked and no one goes in or out those. So the couple goes into the doors (above) and gets into the temple that way. So I've been told.

Next we have the "ring ceremony." Do I hear you asking what the hell does that mean? Well, let me enlighten you. It is kind of a new thing that the Mormons do after they get married. If the bride and groom so choose, the gather family and friends who were not able to go into the temple with them and they exchange wedding rings and say a vow type thing to one another. Well, at first I thought it was for us heathens, to say, "hey, look, we did get married." But after sitting through this thing I realized that it is just as religious as if it was held in a church. That is all they talked about; how blessed a couple is to be married in the temple. Wow. I guess my marriage is just a sham. Oh, sorry, but I digress. Moving along...

This picture is of the gigantic wedding cake that my BROTHER pick out. My new sister-in-law didn't care. He is so crazy. But it was delish! (Side note: See boss lady, you could totally do that, practice, practice, practice. You have the talent) It was so pretty. The chocolate was like fudge. It was so rich.

Here, the groom gently feeds his bride. I told him I would beat him if he shoved it in her face. I hate that. It is sooo hickish. Her family was trying to egg her into doing it. Dumb. Wedding dresses have been ruined by doing that.

This is the bride and groom figurines that were choosen. Trust me though, she did not have to drag him. They both were running to the alter.

Me and my hubby. I must say that I loved that dress. It is really cute. I don't know how well I wear it, but I still like it.

A shot of one part of the wedding cake.

This is the pasta salad that I made for the rehearsal dinner. It is pretty yummy if I don't say so myself.

And here is the fruit pizza that I also made for the rehearsal dinner. And it was wonderful. And I'm not the only one who thought so. =P

So there is the day that they waited two years for. Congrat you two.
Tomorrow I'll post about the occurance on the way to the wedding and other happenings.

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