Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Food! It's a Good Thing.

So on Sunday my family celebrated my little brother's birthday. I was ordered (or politely asked, it depends who you ask) to bring cornbread, so in my new found state of culinary inspiration. I decided to make it. I decided to go with The Pioneer Woman's recipe. I had to improvise a little because I don't have an iron skillet. It turned out okay. Everyone seemed to like it. I found it a little gritty (yes, even for cornbread), but that could be me messing something up. Here's how it looked:

I also made yummy honey butter to go with it. I found the recipe at this blog.

Wanna know the secret ingredient that restaurants use in honey butter? Of course you do:

Anybody with common sense can see that they use: Marshmallow Creme? Yep, apparently that adds something a little extra. Hey, it works. Mmmmmm, marshmallow creme.

Continuing along, tonight I decided to make a skillet potatoes. Again the recipe comes from one of my saving graces, My Kitchen Cafe. It turned out well.

I need something to go with the potatoes. Hey, I'm not trying to insult potatoes here, I could eat them alone always, but I didn't want them to feel alone. So I made an impromtu Chicken Cordon Bleu. I just lightly seasoned grilled chicken in a pan (which by the way has become my new favorite way to cook chicken), then I warmed up some ham and then placed swiss chesse on top. Yummers!

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